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Website Construction Industry Analysis

1, do not pay attention to the real value of the site is too beautiful to pursue the site level:

Most of the customer's point of view is the enterprise Web site as long as the atmosphere, beauty, line, and ignore the real value of the site - to bring customers and revenue for the enterprise, resulting in many enterprises the site is just a decoration, there are on the Internet, but few visits;

2, the customer demands more and more Jianzhan getting lower and lower prices:

Most of the clients always want according to their own ideas to design web site development system, but the truth is that they do not understand the web design process and to achieve the degree of difficulty, due to market competition and incentives, many sites have low-cost construction company orders and to meet the customer's "unreasonable demands", resulting in meeting customer requirements for a construction company website at virtually no cost repeatedly modified or directly let the matter rest;

3, a large part of the corporate Web sites are already imitation websites, and even requirements, and have been doing exactly the same web site:

4, enterprise website management system for a wide range of:

And most corporate systems are Web site-building company has developed or modified over, and is really suitable forand very few full-featured web site system;

5, Jian Zhan fee varies:

As the information is not blocked, Jian Zhan technology and cost, as well as the different customer requirements and build a business web site also takes costs vary widely, ranging from a few hundred to as many as tens of thousands;


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